22 Fitness Foundation Application

The 22 Fitness Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that raises money for service-connected disabled veterans and their families. To provide gym memberships, in-home gym equipment, professional fitness, and nutrition programs. including other therapeutic programs like chiropractic care, massage therapy, and other forms of therapeutic activities, i.e Mixed Martial Arts classes, photography classes, or music lessons.



* Live within the United States
* Any military branch combat injured veteran who served in active duty for 4 yrs or more. (Reserves or National Gaurd included)
* Applicant must be rated with a minimum of 30% rated by the VA.
* Medically or honorably discharged or retired.
* Applicants rated at 90% or greater for combat related injuries (combat PTS or TBI included) by the VA may apply for the program along with peer to assist them.

* If you are a spouse you must be currently married with proof of marriage, along with all required documents of your sponsor.


The following documents are required and can only be uploaded as a PDF FILE when submitting your application. Have these items prepared prior to beginning?
To make your documents a PDF FILE- USE THE FOLLOWING FREE link- http://www.easypdfcloud.com
* Copy of DD-214 with your social security # blacked out.
* VA Narrative % Rating Letter–This is the VA explanation papers with your % rating containing an explanation of each injury. Your generic service connected % cover letter is not acceptable.
* Photograph of the applicant in service or current photograph. NO SELFIES.
* If requesting peer membership;
* Applying veteran must be rated 90% or greater for combat-related injuries (combat PTS or TBI included) to be eligible for a Peer membership
* Documentation for VA certified caregiver
* A 100-word minimum letter of why it is necessary for you to have a peer accompany you to the gym.


* You will receive a confirmation email that your application was received
* Within 30 days you will receive an email with your approval into the program or if not approved, an email with the reasons why your application was not accepted.
* Once accepted into the Program, you are eligible for resources within the program, i.e. coaching, nutrition, motivational connections, mentors, events, regardless of your fitness grant wait time.
* Upon approval in the program, the wait is contingent on funding availability and donations. Your approval letter will contain program wait times.
* All applications are reviewed on a case by case basis, subject to the criteria established by the 22FF Board of Directors.
* For any questions email: 22Fitnesscoach@gmail.com

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