Veterans Meet Up Day

Lift For The 22 is putting out a challenge. And 22Fitness accepts! 💪🏻 4/22/2018 is Veteran Fitness Meetup Day at gyms across the country. on April 22nd The goal is to connect veterans nationwide in gyms. 22 Fitness and lift for For The 22 believe the gym is a much better outlet than the bar, and provides us with a sense of community in what we do best, getting through grueling workouts as a team.

Lift For The 22 provides free gym memberships to veterans to try and fix a piece of the broken transitional system. We aim to provide memberships and connections. This national event should hopefully get some decent traction and get some more gyms joining our program to help local veterans.

Heres the plan:

-Lift for the 22 will post the national workout 1 month before the event on March 22nd.

-Free through the 22Fitness bootcamp

-Look for one another. If you can- go to and grab a tank off the store to identify one another.

-Send in pics to Lift for the 22 of your groups around the country with the hashtag #LiftForThe22Vets

Lets see how many vets are in your local area! The largest group gets a plaque to be hung in their gym!


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