A letter from the owner

My name is Dan Newberry, and I am the owner and founder of 22fitness. This all started back in August of last year when my close friend and brother (Mario) and I walked 22 miles across Milwaukee county in an effort to raise awareness of Veteran suicide, depression, and PTSD. Like many others that served, I found myself fighting the very same battles that so many others have fought post military service. I spent the first several years struggling with alcohol, depression, and PTSD. To help me get through these issues, I turned to physical fitness, and my entire life changed. 
In March of this year, I started a calisthenic group exercise class free for veterans in an effort to encourage them to exercise to combat the symptoms of PTSD and depression. I will continue to offer this class here at home, but I will also offer it in the comfort of everyone’s home or gym nationwide via live stream.
My mission with 22fitness is not just to be another fitness gig that people pay an enormous amount of money for, but instead, I want to help others whether they are veterans or not. I want to build a community of people that encourage each other to be more active and not let life steal their motivation, and in the end, their health. 
I want to give back to every single veteran organization that has helped a struggling service member. That is why I have built an online subscription-based fitness coaching service where people interact and encourage a positive and healthy lifestyle. This service comes complete with live workouts, cooking shows, exercise plans, and so much more! 
My promise is to donate a portion of our proceeds to a charity of the subscriber’s choice. All donations will be voted on and decided on in the 22fitness group page by you, the subscriber.

“Become unbroken in your journey, and become UNBREAKABLE!”

Dan Newberry


3 Replies to “A letter from the owner”

  1. Great job brother. I am proud to be a part of your journey

    See you tomorrow at the gym


  2. This is Awesome Bro! I’m getting ready to get out and still looking in ways to improve the community back home as well. Glad to see you’re doing well!

    Liked by 1 person

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