Who we are

What is 22Fitness?

22Fitness is a calisthenic group exercise class created by a veteran for veterans, to encourage them to continue exercising in an effort to help combat the effects of PTSD and depression.

How does exercise help?

PTSD is associated with higher risk for experiencing depression. When people are depressed, they may experience low motivation, low energy, and have a tendency to isolate themselves. All these symptoms can lead to thoughts of harming ones self and 22 fitness is dedicated to reaching out to veterans by providing a healthy outlet to blow off steam.
exercise has several mental health benefits. exercise can reduce anxiety and depression. Improve mental clarity, and help stabilize ones mood. All problems experienced by people with PTSD.

What if I’m not a Veteran?

JOIN US! Everyone has experienced some form of trauma in life, everyone gets depressed. We are all human and we all need each other. So let’s all become UNBREAKABLE together! Not to mention we value your support!



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